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Wrecker Service Company Amarillo

The Services that K3 Towing Wrecker Service Provides

K3 Towing Wrecker Service prides itself on offering top quality customer service. We provide a wide assortment of services with our large fleet of wreckers and other towing and recovery equipment. These services include such things as:

1. Light and medium towing and recovery include towing lightweight and medium-weight vehicles, as well as providing recovery services for these sizes of vehicles. Whether you have a flat tire, broken down car, or a vehicle that has just been in an accident, call us to help solve your issues. Semi Truck Recovery Amarillo

2. Heavy-duty towing and recovery is provided for up to tractor-trailer size vehicles. This includes if the tractor-trailer has overturned on the road or in a ditch. We want to help you get your tractor-trailer back on the road as quickly as possible.

3. We provide hauling for various pieces of equipment or vehicles to get them from point A to point B. Do you have a bulldozer, car, or other large vehicle or item that you need transported? If you do, we are the company to meet your needs. Semi Truck Towing Amarillo

4. Air cushion recovery when it is called for such as overturned tractor-trailers. This type of recovery is highly successful even in difficult situations.

5. Load shift and load transfer services are available when the load decides to move in the tractor-trailers that could cause the delay of delivering the load.  Heavy Duty Towing Amarillo

6. Secured storage is provided for those items and vehicles that you cannot keep at your house or business for one reason or another. Your property will be safe in our storage for as long as you need us to store it.

The Fleet at K3 Towing Wrecker Service

We make sure to update our fleet as needed to continue to provide high quality services to our customers. Wrecker Service Amarillo

Our Dedication

We work through sun, rain, and snow conditions to provide with your towing and recovery needs. Our staff strives to provide you with quick service to solve your vehicle issues quickly and in a safe manner. K3 Towing cares for its employees and customers as well as the community in which we are located. Our services our available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week including holidays. No job is too small or large for us to handle. We have the equipment to handle the most difficult of recoveries.

Contact K3 Towing for Your Towing and Recovery Needs.  Cargo Transfer Service Amarillo

Do you have a need for further information about our services? If you do, please contact us today with your questions or call us for our services. We are waiting to provide you with the services and information that you need. K3 Towing strives to stand out from the other wrecking services with our high quality customer service. Our facilities are at 800 East Farmer’s Avenue Amarillo,  TX   79118. You can also reach us by phone at 806-622-9891. If you prefer, you also can contact us on this website or you can send us an email at robby@k3towing.com

K3 Towing, Recovery & Transport, Inc.

800 East Farmer’s Avenue
Amarillo,  TX   79118

Phone: 806-622-9891
Fax: 806-622-9860
Robby: (806)433-5974

Email: robby@k3towing.com

 Business Hours
Available 24/7 for emergency service

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