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Fitness tips: AcroYoga for beginners

The obvious difference between AcroYoga and other forms is that it’s with a partner. The purpose of yoga is to develop the union of mind, body and spirit; AcroYoga aims to develop the same union between two people. If traditional yoga is solitary, here communication is key.

About 20% of people arrive at our classes with a friend or partner, but most come alone and are paired up based on things like size, body proportions and whether they get on. If it becomes a regular practice, having a consistent partner is really helpful.

There are two main roles: a base and a flyer. The base is typically a man and the flyer is typically a woman, but not always. Technique, flexibility, patience and good communication are all important.

The easiest pose for beginners is “front plank” or “Superman”. The base places the balls of their feet on the flyer’s hip bones, before bending their knees to take the flyer’s weight. Gripping hands, the flyer pushes up with their arms, while the base straightens their arms and legs, raising the flyer off the ground.

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