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Wall Clock Direction As Per Vastu For Harmonious Living

Right Wall Clock Direction as per Vastu 

According to Vastu Shastra, placing a wall clock in your house must conform to a few rules in order to ensure that it promotes harmony and positive energy. 

The specific directions for hanging a wall clock in your house are as follows:

North Direction: 

  • Significance: Connected to both wealth and career.
  • Benefits: Promotes success and prosperity.
  • Recommendation Use: Great for enhancing business growth and business opportunities.

East Direction:

  • Significance: Associated with connection to society and health.
  • Benefits: Boosts social interactions and brings positive mental and physical health.
  • Recommendation: Best for connecting with others and general well-being, in our opinion.

West Direction:

  • Significance: While neutral, it’s still seen as favourable.
  • Advantages: Useful when facing east or north is impossible.
  • Suggestion: Suitable for maintaining harmony and predictable advancement.

Avoid South Direction:

  • Significance: linked with negativity and challenges.
  • Cons: Hanging a clock here might make things more difficult and stop things from getting better.
  • Recommendation: It is generally advised to keep clear of this direction.

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Wall clock direction as per vastu

Additional Vastu Tips for Wall Clocks:

  • Height of Placement: Set the clock so that it is easily readable without being overly high. It ought to be observable without causing eye strain.


  • Functionality: Make sure the clock is accurate and always in operation. A broken or stopped clock can attract negative energy into a home and symbolise a lack of progress.


  • Design and Shape: Choose for clocks with improving and attractive designs. The best shapes are oval or round because they represent energy flowing smoothly and continuously. Avoid clocks with pointed edges or odd shapes.


  • Material and Color: Choose clocks with natural materials and colours that go well with the room’s interior design and Vastu components. In general, soothing colours and materials are favoured.

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Specific Room Guidelines

  • Living Room: Place the clock toward a north or east facing wall. This guarantees that the positive energy emanating from the clock affects every part of the household.


  • Bedroom: Make sure the clock is placed on a wall that isn’t facing the bed if you decide to put one there. It is best if it is facing north or east to encourage peaceful sleep and improve vibes.


  • Kitchen and Dining Areas: To promote harmony and good health during meals, place the clock in a visible location, like an east-facing wall.

Conclusion: By following these Vastu guidelines, you can ensure that your wall clock not only serves its practical purpose but also contributes to the positive energy and harmony of your home.



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